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“The cubicle is very comfortable to use. Our child was one year and 4 months when I bought it, so naturally she was very active and highly curious about my laptop. It was very freeing for me to have my own space again, just to get online and check email or read a bit. This is a Godsend! My other Mom friends even ask to borrow it from time to time!”

- Breena Davis, Certified Mom


“Since my wife and I both work from home, the Laptop Pop-up Cubicle has become part of my daily life. It's where I can actually (Wow!) actually get some work done, something which was almost impossible before. Because we both work with laptops, my wife bought one for each of us. It was a great gift. After a few weeks, when the company founders Mike and Beth asked if we liked it and if we'd supply a testimonial, we had no hesitation in saying 'Yes'. A big thumbs up!"

- Mark Holden, Brand consultant and work-from-home Dad


“I first saw the Laptop Pop-up Cubicle where I work. Our boss has a cat which enjoys crawling all over the keyboard, so she bought this and it worked so well, I bought one myself to ensure my own space when working at home with my own naughty cats. Love how it gives me a quiet zone! ...even surrounded by my pets. It also folds up simply, so I just slide it under the sofa.”

- Sue Lendinski, Architect

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