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- Baby Shield (perfect for Moms, Dads, babysitters, nannies)

- Pet Blocker (cats, dogs)

- made with high quality, non-toxic materials

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Your cat loves your Laptop? Join the club...

A cat blocker makes a useful cat gift idea for someone whose cat has a fixation on their keyboard or laptop. Many gift ideas for cat owners spring to mind, but for those who need to protect their cat laptop keyboard or cat keyboard, then the keyboard cat can be one of many great gift ideas for cat owner. How to lock a keyboard? That's where you can have a fantastic gift idea for cat owner or gift idea for cat owners in the form of a catblocker. This may be commonly sknown as a laptop catblocker or even laptop cat barrier (for the more adventurous). One way or another, a keyboard cat blocker is useful especially if it's a laptop cat blocker you're after. Cat pressing laptop keys? Then you're probably wondering how to stop your cat walking on the laptop. Statistics show that cat pressing keys is a problem which 9 out of 10 cat owners face, along with the following list of no-nos:

10% said cat pressing laptop keypad

2% said cat pressing keypad

5% cat pressing laptop keyboard

14% cat shield laptop

12.75% said cat pressing keyboard

3% cat laptop guardian

15% cat walks on keypad

1% cat laptop keypad

24% cat keypad laptop

12% cat sits on keypad

2% cat sits on keyboard

11% cat walks on keyboard

2% cat walks on keys

4% cat sits on keys

45% cat laptop keys

11% cat keys laptop

So, in answer to the age-old question, how to lock a keyboard against a cat? Check out our other links on this page.

Your baby loves your Laptop? Join the club...

Of the many laptop accessory types that you can choose from, a laptop guard is one of many great choices of mothers day presents. Even for the working father seeking stay home jobs, you need a way to lock your computer

Working from home has its advantages and disadvantages. Just like any stay at home Mom jobs. If you're a stay at home Dad or a stay at home mother, you might wonder how to lock a keyboard when baby is around.

Lock your laptop with laptop accessories including our laptop baby shield. We retail this laptop baby blocker and it offers perfect protection for those with work at home jobs. A laptop baby block can help you when baby hammers laptop buttons or you have a baby pressing laptop keyboard buttons. No work gets done. Work from home moms will find this very frustrating. Working at home jobs are demanding enough without this added baby-drama.

Stay at home mom work frequently encounters situations such as the following, when:

- baby bangs laptop buttons

- you have a baby hammering laptop

- or you even have baby striking laptop

This is where the laptop baby barrier comes into its own. Sturdy construction and yet the laptop pop up cubicle is lightweight and easy to disassemble. Consider a laptop pop-up cubicle if you are a working parent. Jobs for stay at home moms can be difficult to find, but when you also have a baby banging laptop keyboard buttons, then it's time: you need a baby laptop guardian!

This laptop baby guardian is also a great babysitter gift for that hard-working young woman or man who takes care of your bouncing bundle of joy.

A laptop baby guard is also a wonderful babyshower gift idea. Most mothers report that having a baby banging laptop keypad buttons is no fun. Consider this one of many cheap mothers day gift ideas, when you give a baby shield laptop as a mother's day gift, you deal with that recurring problem of baby typing on laptop.

Also, lets not forget working Dad who must cope with baby banging buttons. Any father or mother dealing with a toddler or baby banging laptop buttons, needs some working from home ideas. Could this be it?

Let's ask work at home moms from the working Moms meet-uup group what they think:

"Yes, this was a great mothers day present. My daughter's baby types on laptop. When baby strikes laptop, then the laptop popup cubicle strikes back. As a working mother myself, this mothers day gift idea is a huge help for all work from home mothers. I also told a friend who then bought one as a baby shower gift idea for another working Mom. There are hundreds of at home jobs for moms but many involve use of a computer. When the top complaints are:

- baby bangs keypad buttons

- or sometimes baby bangs laptop keypad buttons

- though not as often as baby bangs laptop keyboard buttons

- baby bangs laptop or baby banging laptop

...then you you need a lock keyboard button or a laptop guardian against the infant, toddler or baby."

Give a mothers day gift to some of those working from home moms this year. Even a stay at home Mom who doesn't have full-time employment, certainly has a full-time job, just taking care of that little baby pressing buttons.

And if your baby's behaviour is anywhere here on the following spectrum...

- Always: baby hammers laptop keypad buttons, said the Florida expectant mothers meetup group

- Never: baby presses laptop keyboard buttons, said the Los Angeles stay at home parents meetup group

- Sometimes: baby hammering laptop buttons, said the Boston expectant mothers meetup group

- Often: baby hits buttons, said the Asian mothers meetup group

- Regularly: baby hitting laptop keyboard buttons, according to the Chicago parents meetup group

- Occasionally: baby hammers laptop keyboard buttons, says the New York parents meetup group

- Frequently: baby hits laptop keypad buttons, so sayeth the San Diego parents meetup group

Then you need a quick laptop solution. When baby hits keyboard buttons or baby hits keypad buttons you might be in need of some outside assistance. Phone up and ask if it's normal when 'baby hammers keyboard buttons' or 'baby hits laptop buttons'? It may or may not be, but if you're trying to accomplish work and baby presses keyboard buttons, this helps nobody. Baby presses laptop buttons for a reason! The excitement, the lights, the noises, the cause-effect. When baby bangs buttons then baby bangs KEYBOARD buttons and there's only one thing you can do to stop it: buy yourself a Laptop Pop-up Cubicle.

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