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About us

The Laptop Pop-Up Cubicle was invented and designed by Mike and Beth Davis from New York, based on their own experience with a busy household...


Beth: "We are a husband and wife team with a toddler and also with a cat in the household. We saw a need for a simple but effective barrier around our workspace, so that we could use our laptops. We know what it feels like to have inquisitive kitty or baby crawling all over your keyboard."


Mike: "The idea initially came from my wife, after half hour of wrestling our daughter away from the keyboard, which wasn't much fun. In exasperation, Beth said 'Surely there must be something we can buy to block off the laptop?' Later when our child was having her afternoon nap, I did a search on the internet and came up with nothing. And that's how the idea was born!"


Email us at: info@kickblue22.com

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