FAQs Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why do I need a CableTree organizer?

A: To keep your home and workspace organized. You'll be more productive, you'll have less clutter and cables lying around. You will feel better in a more organized environment, without mess. Also, whenever you need to find your phone charger or your iPod charger, you will always know exactly where it's hanging.


Q: Do you deliver the CableTree to any country in the world?

A: Yes, we do. Shipping costs to your country will be displayed as part of the Shoppping Cart process. You will have time to review the shipping costs relevant to your country before you finalize your payment.

Q: What if I buy it, but I don't like it?

A: You can return it within 60 days, according to our 60 day money-back guarantee.

Q: What size is the CableTree organizer?

A: The CableTree is available in 3 different heights, to suit everyone's needs:
2 feet (24 inches or 60 cm)
4 feet (48 inches or 120 cm)
6 feet (72 inches or 180 cm)

Q: Can I buy the CableTree organizer in other colors?

A: Yes, it is available in black or white. Although it is mainly sold in these 2 colours, we can also offer you alternative colors at no extra charge. Email us and let us know what color you are interested in and we can confirm this for you.

Q: How long does it take to receive my CableTree organizer?

A: Normal delivery is between 3 - 10 days from time of order.