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Photography Tutorial for Learners
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Photography: How to Take Better Photos

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It is suprising nowadays just now many images have been very heavily photoshopped. Photos which look great, but nevertheless have had significant editing and post-production done on them afterwards to make them stand out. What can you do beforehand in order to...

Photography: How to Build a Portfolio

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A portfolio is basically a collection of your artistic or creative work. Just as job seekers will use a curriculum vitae or resume to apply for a potential job, for a photographer a portfolio is the equivalent of a resume. A portfolio lays out the breadth of your....

Photography: Equipment and accessories for beginner photographers

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If you are getting serious about making photographs, then it's time to start assembling your own photo tool kit. The equipment list will be the gear that is taken with you when you...

Filmmaking: 8 Useful Websites for Filmmakers

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If you aren't familiar with these 8 seriously useful websites, then you are missing out. Check them out: Anatomy of a Scene by The New York Times. Film directors take the viewer through specific scenes from their...