Video Marketing in NYC: it's bloody delicious !

You, Dear Reader, are an insect.

Yes, you Sir or Madam!

Damn it! You have the attention span of a mosquito. Buzz, buzz, buzz....and you're gone!

If I don't get to the point within the next 5 to 10 seconds, you are likely to zip away to somewhere else on your screen. Scroll, click, zoom, gone. Your powers of concentration are almost zero!

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Well, go ahead!

Scroll away.

Buzz off.

Flit off the page...

No one is going to stop you. Just one thing though, before you go. (A parting thought, if you will...)

By the end of the today, 500 million people will have watched a video on Facebook.

I'm just throwing that out there. Just wanted you to know.

Now, off you go.



Oh, you're still here?

Well, well, well.

500 million was a number that got your attention, was it?

It certainly should. The statistic comes from those smarty pants people over at Hubspot, who researched this earlier this year.

What this means is you, Dear Reader, are missing out on a huge potential audience out there, which you are not capturing. The prospective number of people is enormous. And you can safely assume the following:

1. they don't know who you are.
2. they could't careless about what you do.

But you have the ability to change that.

Video marketing represents a very big opportunity for you. If you or your business need more fans, more followers, most customers, more exposure, then video is the way to go. Video marketing is where all eyes are right now.

How to create an NYC video marketing your services ?

That's where the KickBlue22's New York City video production service comes in.

If you're located in or close to NYC, we can help you create and craft video content to grab your audience's attention. Our video advertising will take your customer firmly by the shoulders, look him in the eye and say "Pay....Attention!"

We show you how to get more customers in New York City.

In short, the video marketing services we provide to NY small businesses will get you selling more cups of your bloody delicious tea...or whatever it is your do. (Two spoons please, darling!)

And I think you'll agree: that is indeed 'rather exciting'.

It's time to show the world what you do.

Let's get those eyes on you!

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