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Idea # 2: fish for their data

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Your nets should always be cast out and adrift, fishing for data. You never know what you might catch.

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Photo: Frank Kovalchek

I recently logged back into Survey Monkey and was surprised to see that a survey I had set up on one of my websites which I haven't looked in quite some time has been quietly collecting names and email addresses of people who agreed to complete a short survey. As you can see from the dates below, on average every 10 to 14 days, a website visitor voluntarily trusted me with their information.

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This survey could sit there for years on my website, collecting names and emails of those with an interest around a particular topic. (I won't say what the specific topic is, since it is not relevant here).

Goole Analytics can only tell you so much about the visitors. And it does not allow you to contact the visitors afterwards to find out why they did not buy nor can you start building a relationship with them.

Getting them to divulge details, gives you a channel to follow up later or add their emails to what shoud be an increasingly growing email list.

You can get a free Survey Monkey account here.

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