Testimonials What my students say

english teacher, charlottenburg, berlin

"Tom's lessons are always well prepared. He knows just how to push us in the nicest possible way to improve our English. I can't imagine a better teacher."
--- Andreas (Pedagogy)

"What I like about the English lessons? The variety of teaching methods and that we talk a lot ourselves. The themes that we discuss are very interesting too."
--- Lene (Trainer)

english for paralegals, english for lawyers, legal english

"Tailor-made lessons which are fun because of Tom's interesting teaching methodology."
--- Daniella (paralegal)

english for engineers

"The English lessons are very relaxed and funny and I learn a lot !"
--- Reiner (Construction Engineer)

english for fun

"Tom is always very well prepared for the next lesson. It is fun to learn with him."
--- Urte (Teacher)

english for architects, english for architecture, english teacher for architects

"Without putting any pressure on me, Tom makes me take the homework seriously and makes certain I do it."
--- Carola (Architect)

berlin english teacher, english for management consultants

"I like the relaxed atmosphere of Tom's classes. Even after a stressful day at work, it's still fun to learn English."
--- Julia (Receptionist)

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"After Tom's lessons, I have confidence to speak in English. Tom taught me various English skills. His training was very helpful for my career in many English presentations, as well as achieving high scores in GMAT and TOEFL. Tom was one of the best English teachers in my life!"

--- Namhee (Manager of Fashion Research team and Professor at Fashion School in Korea)

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